3rd Generation Family

Ronelle Vergeer, Aleron, Braven, Alejandro Masters and Luna
​3rd Generation
2016 to Present

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Our family, 3rd generation, serving the Gorge community for 50 plus years. Faye and Lester Downey started the business as a floor covering store with a small store front and a few samples. They were able to expand the business to include furniture, window coverings, and carpet and pass it on to their daughter and son in law, Ron and Carol Vergeer. Ron and Carol continued to expand the business to a mattress sleep center and La-Z-Boy gallery. Now in 2016, Ronelle and Alejandro are pleased to follow in the tradition of excellent customer and community service with Downey Sleep Center.

1st Generation Family

Fay & Lester Downey
1st Generation

2nd Generation Family

Carol Downey & Ron Vergeer
​2nd Generation